Tender documentation

The information presented in these documents will determine the success or otherwise of your competition and the suitability of the goods or services obtained. The documentation used will vary depending upon the nature of the requirement – in terms of its value and, sometimes, importance in a political sense.

There are a number of standard documents, listed below, some or all of which may be included in a set of tender documents (An Invitation to Tender). Sample contents have been provided (see the links below) and these may be used as a guide to prepare documents for you own use. However, it is likely that your Procurement Office will have its own version, already personalised to the institution’s corporate identity, and where this is the case, you should use these documents. In some institutions, some of these documents may be brought together into an aggregated document rather than being used separately.  Remember your tender document is your shop window and a chance to show to the suppliers what an attractive customer you would be.