Instructions to tenderers

As the title suggests this document outlines what the tenderer is expected to do when preparing its submission. The document will contain both specific instructions and can also provide contact details etc should these be relevant to the requirement.  A typical document will include the two main sections - An introduction followed by the Instructions on completing the tender that will include:

  • A list of the documents that are to be completed, signed and returned
  • Make reference to the Conditions of the tender submission process. Note, you may prefer to incorporate the contents of this document in the general Instructions to tenderers rather than have it as a separate document. If this is the case, then ensure that there is wording to make it clear that the instructions given must be followed.
  • Information on the Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • Details of any supporting documentation that may be required
  • Details, where they are permitted and will be considered, regarding the submission of alternative proposals ie variant bids
  • Where tender submissions are to be returned electronically details of the process must be provided.  Also, include a statement of the maximum file size permitted through your institution’s firewall and if there will be an automatic notification of receipt (or failure) to the tenderer
  • Details of how to indicate any aspects of the tender where the tenderer feels that it cannot comply with the tender requirements, for example, where it has a query over a clause in the Terms and Conditions of Contract

Sample Instruction to tenderers document is provided.