Quotation documentation

Quotations are used for lower value requirements and normally sent out to potential suppliers using template documentation along with a copy of your institution’s standard Terms and Conditions of Contract. Your institution should have its own template forms that follow its corporate style.  These should be available for download from your Procurement Office’s web site.

A typical template quotation form will contain the following sections:

  • Name of Institution
  • Contact name and details
  • Name of department for whom the goods/services are required
  • The reference number that has been used in the quotation exercise
  • A specification for the required goods/services
  • A reference to the Institution’s standard Terms and Conditions of Contract (either overleaf on the quotation form or on a separate page) or directed to the appropriate page on your Procurement Office’s web site
  • A return date and time
  • The address to which the quotation is to be returned (this may be in the form of an official reply label)

Further examples of quotation documentation can be found in the Template section of this website.