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FELP provides information about key procurement processes, why they are important and how to carry them out. It’s the place to find out how to improve procurement within your organisation and gain access to examples of good procurement practice.

Understand the Procurement Process

Find out the best and most effective method to completing the procurement process by following the simple five-step guide.

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Find out about the key legislation that impacts on procurement activity including procurement legislation, contract law, Freedom of Information Act, Modern Slavery Act, The Social Value Act, General Data Protection Regulations, public procurement review service, health and safety legislation, equality and diversity legislation and TUPE regulations.


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The sample documentation resource centre contains templates that are intended to aid you in the creation of your own procurement documents. Templates include procurement policies, request for quotation and invitation to tenders, specifications and terms and conditions.


Procurement Toolkit

The toolkit starts with an Introduction to Procurement for Further Education and continues with over 30 individual ‘how to’ guides for common procurement tasks from creating a contracts register through to managing above PCR 2015 threshold tenders.

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