Sample Form of Tender

Form of Tender

To : [Institution]

Dear [insert Sir/Madam or name]

Tender Ref: [insert internal reference number]
Tender for [insert short description of requirement and, if appropriate, relevant time period]

1. I/We have read the information provided in your Invitation to Tender and subject to and upon the terms and conditions contained in [Document reference] - Contract Documents, I/We offer to supply the [requirement] described in the contract documents in such manner as may be required.

2. Terms and Conditions. I/We agree that this tender and any contract which may result, shall be based upon the documents listed below, and that the Buyer is the [give the legal entity of your institution (eg the University Senate/Court of the institution)].

2.1 The contract documents as shown in the Invitation to Tender.

2.2 The prices to be inserted in the Contract shall be those shown in [document name] of our tender; or, if the Institution selects an alternative proposal from [document name], then the prices shown in [document name] pertaining to that proposal.

2.3 In other sections of the Contract information provided in [document name] - Additional Information Required by the Institution, will be included.

2.4 Any qualifications set out by us in [document name] - Qualifications, shall also apply, although we understand that making a qualification may result in your disregarding our tender in total.

3. In [document name] - Alternative Proposals, I/We include alternative proposals, together with costings, which we feel might provide better value for money for the Institution than the required proposal. I/We do not wish to submit alternative proposals in Appendix C - Alternative Proposals *
* Delete as appropriate

4. The prices quoted in this Tender are valid until [state date given in section 2.3 of Conditions of tender submission] and I/We confirm that the terms of the Tender will remain binding upon me/us and may be accepted by you at any time before that date.

5. I/We note that the contract shall be valid upon acceptance and signature by both parties of the Contract Documents.

6. Law. I/We agree that the construction, validity, performance and execution of any contract that may result from this tender shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English [Welsh/Scots /Northern Ireland] Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales [Scotland /Northern Ireland].*
* Delete as appropriate

7. I/We agree to bear all cost incurred by me/us in connection with the preparation and submission of this Tender and to bear any further costs incurred by me/us prior to the award of any contract.

8. I/We agree that any other terms or conditions of contract or any general reservation which may be printed on any correspondence emanating from me/us in connection with this tender or with any contract resulting from this tender, shall not be applicable to this tender or to the contract.

Dated this ___________________ day of _________________________

Signed _____________________________________ in the capacity of

duly authorised to sign Tenders for and on behalf of


Registered Address :

For a more detailed Form of Tender, especially for procurements above the EU thresholds, see the Generic Tender Documentation section.