Standard Selection Questionnaire Template

last updated: 23rd February 2017

Standard Selection Questionnaire.docx


Crown Commercial Services standardised selection questions.  This SQ should be used in accordance with the rules of the supplier selection stage of the relevant procurement process i.e. it should be used:

  • to test that suppliers meet minimum levels of suitability when using the Open procuredure; and
  • to pre-qualify suppliers to be invited to tender when using the Restricted procedure, to submit an initial tender under the Competitive procuredure with neogitation or to particpate in a Competitive dialogue or Innovation Partnership procedure.


Not all the questions in the SQ or the additional modules may be required for every procurement, only those which are relevant and proportionate to the contract (the mandatory and discretionary exclusion questions should always be included).

Further project specific questions relating to the supplier's technical and professional ability are permitted provided they are relevant and proportionate to the requirement and comply with the means of proof listed in Regulations 60 (9) (b) - (k).

Full details including socring for each question, weightings and any 'pass mark' or minimum threshold for selection must be made known to suppliers at the same time that the SQ is issued.

It is recommended that this SQ is read alongside the guidance on completion.


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