The following toolkit guides support the main guide above

  • A Guide to Collaborative Procurement

    What does it mean, what products and services are suitable for collaboration and what will enable collaborative procurement in my college?  This...

  • A Guide to Contract Management

    What makes for a good contract, contract management activities and contract management tools and techniques.  Find out more with this guide.

  • A Guide to E-Procurement

    This guide will help you to find out more about the e-procurement tools available to colleges.

  • A Guide to E-Tendering

    An overview of products, integration opportunities and effort and cost involved in e-tendering.

  • A Guide to ITT Pricing Schedules

    The purpose of a pricing schedule, how to create a pricing schedule for supplies and services and other considerations are discussed in this guide.

  • A Guide to Low Value Purchases

    This guide provides information on sourcing, government procurement cards and obtaining quotations for low value purchases.

  • A Guide to Managing Bidder Challenges

    This guide provides colleges with a list of potential actions to consider when faced with a disgruntled bidder following communication of the award...

  • A Guide to Managing Risk

    What is risk management?  Why is it important?  This guide aims to answer these questions and provide advice on developing a risk...

  • A Guide to Negotiation

    When to negotiate, planning and preparation and common mistakes are all explored in this guide.

  • A Guide to Project Management

    Why is project management important and how do I do it?  This guide aims to answer these questions and provide tools and techniques for...

  • A Guide to Specification Writing

    Technical verses performance verses conformance specifications.  Why specifications are important and how to begin writing a specification.

  • A Guide to Supplier Appraisal

    What is involved, benefits to the college, financial appraisals and examples of pre qualification questionnaires are discussed in this guide.

  • A Guide to Supplier Preferencing

    What makes your college attractive to suppliers?  Models of supplier preferencing and how you can increase your bargaining power.

  • A Guide to Supplier Spend Analysis

    This guide will help you to analyse your supplier spend, highlighting the benefits of spend analysis and provide high spend and low spend action...

  • A Guide to Tender Evaluation

    Four key areas to best practice evaluations, the impact of procurement regulations, award criteria and evaluation methodology and examples of scoring...

  • Agenda Template

    An example agenda for a contract performance management meeting.