How to submit sample documents

New sample documents or updated versions of existing documents would be welcomed.  Please forward by email to Jo Frost at Crescent Purchasing Consortium [email protected]

To speed up the uploading process it would be most helpful if some basic de-personalisation of the material could be completed before submission. For example, the use of generic terms/phrases:

  • Use the term Institution rather that your College's name. Please put the word Institution/Institution's etc in royal blue, to ease future editing
  • Where there is specific information regarding your College, please remove this information replacing it with a prompt to 'please insert .... information here'. Again this should be in royal blue
  • If the document is an updated version of an existing sample, please note this in the covering message so that a decision can be made regarding substituting the document or providing it as another sample within the area

The success of this area relies on sample documents provided by the sector.