last updated: 30th March 2012

How to use this site 

Navigating through the extensive number of guidance notes within F.E.L.P is easy using the tips below:



The search box, that is located on the top centre of all website pages, is one of the best ways to find the information required. Typing in the most appropriate keyword and selecting "Search" will list every guidance note that is linked to that keyword.  Clicking on the title of the guidance note will forward you to the correct page.

If your search returns no results, the F.E.L.P. Administrator will be alerted that information is required for that particular keyword search and will endeavour to add content to cover that area.


Navigation bar

Alternatively, you can find a required guidance note by navigating through the bar on the main banner or the detailed navigation bar on the left hand side of all webpage’s.

To do this simply click on the step in the header bar or in the navigation bar to be taken directly to that page. The text is also accompanied by a plus sign.  Clicking on the plus sign will expand the navigation to reveal the sub step – again each title is a clickable link to its page within the website.

Wherever there is a minus sign, you can click this to reduce the navigation.

Where there is no plus or minus sign attached to a title, you have reached the last note within that particular step.


Page structure

Each page has been set up to contain guidance text as well as a section that details links to any resources associated with the note.  It also details, on the right hand side, links to other pages within the same chapter.  Each of these links when clicked will forward you to the appropriate guidance note.

The green hyperlinks within the body of the text will also forward you to further useful information associated with that particular guidance note you are viewing.


How do I get back "Home"?

You will notice that above the page title there is a breadcrumb trail available.  This shows you where the page you are currently viewing is placed within the structure of the website.  Each link within the breadcrumb trail is a clickable link, ensuring that you can navigate back through the structure.  "Home" is the very first option in the breadcrumb trail and is also a clickable link. You can also click the AoC logo in the top left-hand corner to navigate back to the home page.


Logging In

If you log in you will be able to access the My FELP page, Download content and access the Forums.



Contains data relevant to you so you can easily access and find content that you regularly use.


Download content

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What if I find a guidance that I’d like to revisit'

If you find a guidance that will be particularly useful to you, you can choose to do the following:


Click on the "Bookmark this page" option on the top navigation bar.  This will allow you to create a link within your favourites to the required page.


You can add it to your favourites on the my FELP page.


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    Can you advise on how we publish a tender document within the Contracts Finder from The City of Liverpool College so it is visible to suppliers? cannot see whereabouts on the portal we do this, can you advise, thanks very much. Tina L Smith The City of Liverpool College Group

    Tina Smith 2nd August 2016