last updated: 6th February 2015


Risk Solutions
No review completed

- No lessons learnt from earlier tender exercises

- Same mistakes are repeated

- At end of project conduct a project review and identify what went well and what didn’t go well

- Prepare a Lessons Learned report and use this to improve future procurements

Costing information not reviewed

- Where an Outline Business Case or Options Appraisal is completed, no indication is obtained of the accuracy of the estimated costs

- Future OBC and OA may contain similar errors

- Review Outline Business Case and Options Appraisal to identify areas where projected information was accurate or not.

- Take steps to modify approach in future projects

Lessons Learnt not documented or shared with staff

- Inefficient use of staff

- Repeat of errors in future projects

- Time is spent re-developing already proven methodologies

- Prepare and use the Lessons Learnt report with staff both within the department or institution. Consider sharing the information with other institutions via Regional Procurement Network Meetings or the CPC Communicator

No consideration of efficiencies take place - No evidence of added value and overall value for money is identified or reported - Ensure consideration of possible efficiencies is completed taking into account not only cash savings but also improved methods of working etc that also have a value to the institution
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