last updated: 14th April 2015

When notifying tenderers of your proposed award decision, it is important that the preferred tenderer does not perceive that it was actually been awarded the contract, rather that in the event that no formal complaints are received and the process is delayed, it is your intention to award the contract after a stated date.

This date must be at least 10 days after the notification is communicated to all the participants i.e. applicants who express interest in a two-stage procedure and well as those that have, or had the opportunity to tender. Note: under the standstill requirements, where the notification is by non-electronic means, the 10 days are extended to 15 days.

A series of sample letters, for use in single and two-stage tendering exercise are available from the Generic Tender Documentation section.

Where there is a confidentiality issue this should be taken into consideration noting Freedom of Information Act requirements.

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