last updated: 5th April 2015

The e-auction may be closed in one of the following ways:

  • At a stated date and time fixed in advance and notified to the tenderers in the invitation to participate in the e-auction.
  • When no more new prices or new values meeting the requirements concerning minimum differences are received (for example, price revisions must be made in multiples of £5,000). The invitation to participate in the e-auction will state the amount of time the contracting authority will allow to elapse after receiving the last submission before they will close the e-auction.
  • When the e-auction has completed the stated number of phases. The number and timings of the phases will be stated in the invitation to participate in the e-auction.


After the auction

The contracting authority shall award the contract in accordance with the award criteria published in the contract notice (ie lowest price or most economically advantageous tender) and based on the results from the e-auction.

After the award decision has been made:

  • all remaining bidders must be advised of the proposed award decision including the information detailed in a Regulation 86 notice and the mandatory standstill period observed;
  • a contract award notice must be published in the OJEU within 30 days of the contract award;
  • a contract award notice must be published on Contracts Finder within 90 calendar days of the contract award date but not before publication of the OJEU contract award notice;


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