Before the auction


last updated: 27th July 2011

Before proceeding with the e-auction:

  • The contracting authority must complete a full evaluation of the tenders in accordance with the published selection and award criteriaand, where appropriate, using their relative weightings.
  • All tenderers submitting admissible tenders are invited simultaneously by electronic means to submit new prices and/or new values.
  • The invitation to participate in the e-auction shall contain all the relevant and necessary information needed by the tenderers to participate. This will include, for example, the technical information needed to gain access to the auction, its date and start time and any mathematical formula that will be used in the final evaluation of the bids.
  • Where the e-auction takes place as a number of successive phases, the number, timing and other relevant information about the phases shall be provided.  This should include what time extension will be given should a 'sniper bid' be received just as the auction is ending.
  • The e-auction may not start sooner than 2 working days after the date on which the invitations are sent out.
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