last updated: 5th August 2011

The following information must be included in the original contract notice:

  • The intention to use an e-auction.
  • Details of the equipment, technical connections and format for the e-auction. Note: the equipment that is to be used by the bidders must be of the same technical specification to ensure that all communications during the e-auction process are simultaneous.
  • Information about the e-auction process such as the date, time, how to submit bids, its duration (time-based or the number of bidding phases) etc.
  • The features that will be the subject of the e-auction. Depending on the subject of the e-auction, this may simply be price.
  • Any limits on the values submitted, as determined by the product specifications.
  • What and, where appropriate, when information will be made available to the tenderers during the e-auction. For example,
    - before the auction begins, tenderers should have been given the mathematical formula to be used in ranking submissions, and
    - after a round of bidding, tenderers should be told where they are ranked in relation to the other bidders.
  • The conditions under which tenderers will be able to bid. In particular, where applicable, the minimum differences that will be required when bidding, for example, that price reductions should be made in multiples of £5,000.
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