last updated: 5th August 2011

The contract award criteria must be stated in the contract notice and be either

  • lowest price or
  • most economically advantageous tender

Where the lowest price criterion is stated, then the award must be solely on price.

When the most economically advantageous tender award criterion is stated then prices and/or the new values of features stated in the specification must be used. The invitation to participate in the actual e-auction shall be accompanied by the outcome of a full evaluation of the relevant tender, carried out in accordance with the published weighting award criteria.

The 'features' refer to the non-price aspects of the submitted products. These features must be capable of being quantified and expressed as scores or percentages. These scores, and the tendered prices, are then used in a mathematical formula to determine an overall score for each bidder.

The mathematical formula shall be advised to the prospective tenderers in the invitation to participate documentation.

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