Works contracts

  • Estimate the value of the whole works contract
  • The calculation of the estimated value shall take account of both the cost of the works and the total estimated value of the supplies and services that are made available to the contractor by the contracting authority provided that they are necessary for executing the works.
  • Where a proposed work may result in contracts being awarded in the form of separate lots, account shall be taken of the total estimated value of all such lots. Note: that individual lots may be removed from the EU procurement exercise where they are valued at less than £785,530 and taken together they represent less that 20% of the total overall valuation


Note: Where the proposed contract includes more than one of the above elements, the value must be determined by calculating its highest possible value. In addition, the contracting authority shall not enter into separate contracts with the intention of avoiding the application of the rules, nor use a valuation method that gives the lowest estimated value.