Telecommunications, Postal and Mailroom

  • Government Procurement Service framework agreement “The PSN Services framework” which allows you to purchase services that are compliant with PSN standards. The ten lots under the framework cover a wide range of services which includes mobile phones.  For more information visit the GPS website.
  • ESPO have a framework for Telephone Systems (landlines) that is available nationally to Colleges. Expires Oct 2013. This contract is primarily intended to cover telephone systems from just 2 or 3 internal extensions up to around 100 extensions. Visit ESPO website for more information.
  • ESPO also have a framework for Telephony Call Charges. This Framework contract offers discounts on telephone call charging and line rental. Expires Oct 2013. Download the userguide for more information.

  • JANET have a framework for a text messaging service that is open for Colleges connected to the JANET network. It is a single supplier framework. For more information visit the framework website
  • JANET have a framework for Telecommunications. This framework agreement has been set up by JANET(UK) fortransmission services, including (but not limited to) leased circuits, dark fibre, wide area Ethernet and xDSL. It is open for Colleges connected to the JANET network and members of higher education purchasing consortia. To view the buyers guide and for more information visit the framework webpage and use the navigation panel on the left hand side.
  • GPS have a Postal Services framework agreement.
  The cabinet office have published a guide to Telecommunications procurement which can be viewed on the archived OGC website and the GPS have a quick guide to maximise your telecommunications spend.




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