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  • ActionSustainability - Action Sustainability is a Social Enterprise set up to lead and inspire sustainable procurement. We support and facilitate the Strategic Supply Chain group, a leading authority on sustainable procurement whose members are Directors and Senior Man.


  • Buy Sustainable - Quick Wins (DEFRA)- These 'Quick Wins' are specifically designed for procurers. They are a set of sustainable specifications for a range of commonly-purchased products, such as IT equipment, white goods, paper (including tissue), etc. The products assessed were chosen for their environmental / financial impact, scope for environmental improvement and political or example-setting function.

  • The Carbon Trust offer site visits to colleges. They will offer practicle advice on energy saving measures. In addition these recomendations will be eligiable for Salix Funding. The Government, in partnership with Salix Finance and the Carbon Trust have provided over £50 million in interest free loans to help public sector organisations take advantage of energy efficiency technology.

  • Computer Aid International - Computer Aid International provides only the highest-quality, professionally refurbished computers for reuse in education, health and not-for-profit organisations in developing countries. Computer Aid has shipped over 100,000 PCs to where they are most needed in more than 100 countries, making us the world's largest and most experienced ICT 4 Development provider. 
  • Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges - The EAUC is the sustainability champion for universities and colleges in the UK. Run by members, for its members, the EAUC seeks to work with members and partners to drive sustainability to the heart of further and higher education.  Includes a Sustainability Exchange, centralised portal for sharing information on sustainability.
  • Green ICT - JISC Involve - The blog exists to help get out the messages that the JISC’s activities in the area of "Green-ICT" are producing. JISC exists to help the UK Higher and Further education sectors to make best use of the opportunities that ICT can bring to the activities of research, teaching and learning and administration.
  • Managing Sustainable ICT in Further and Higher Education - This document provides a strategic overview of the current issues concerning the management of environmentally sustainable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in further and higher education.
  • The Public Sector Sustainability Association (PSSA) has been created to bring together a wide group of people working across all parts of the public sector – who have a common interest in the field of sustainability. The aim of the Association is to provide up to date information to help members develop and deliver sustainable solutions in their organisations. Through networking members will share ideas and knowledge – connecting people who need some pragmatic answers to their everyday problems – and disseminating good ideas and practice. This will be complemented by the extensive knowledge hub and resource centre.
  • Power Perfectors - The Environmental Technology Centre carried out trials on a Power Perfector (PP) energy efficiency device that reduces electricity consumption by optimising supply voltages. The main aim of the trials was to determine resultant energy savings over a set period on a range of loads. please see below section on Voltage optimisation as other installers are available.

    Please see the following case study on voltage optimisation
  • Recycling Factory - Simple recycling solutions - The Recycling Factory can collect all your used printer cartridges and old mobile phones and recycle them. We will pay your business for every cartridge or mobile phone we can successfully recycle and reuse.
  • Sustainable Development UK Government - The following pages provide information on what the UK Government is doing in order to move towards sustainable development. The pages contain information on our priorities, commitments and contributions as well as information on managing our estate sustainably. In addition there are links to the various Government task forces, working groups and public bodies involved with monitoring and delivering sustainable development.
  • EU Toolkit on Greener Procurement - In the main this covers products such as Paper, Cleaning products, Office IT Equipment and the practical examples will be useful for those sourcing products. For those of you procuring services the principles of Greener Procurement can be followed through the different modules, and in particular through Module 2 - The Legal Module, which relates to all purchases (though a little doubtful about the proportional marking suggested on the evaluation criteria - but challenge by Suppliers would be defended by reference to this Legal Toolkit) It is a practical and valuable for sustainable procurement purposes

  • Sustainable procurement & Operations Case Studies 
  • WRAP works with local authorities, business and households to prevent waste, increase recycling and develop markets for recycled and sustainable products. It is there aim to create the case for change, support change and deliver change.

  • The Buy Smart Project - The project, funded by the European program "Intelligent Energy Europe", provides free consultation and information material on green procurement


  • Clear About Carbon. A european social fund financed project with a mission to find new ways to increase carbon and climate awareness with businesses and the public sector.