Simple measures - using the information

Supplier profile
Suppliers with expenditure above the appropriate EU supplies, services and works thresholds

  • May highlight a compliance issue if this expenditure has not been awarded under the prescribed procedures eg where there are a series of orders for similar products that, for the purposes of risk of non-compliance with the legislation, should be aggregated

Higher value expenditure within a commodity

  • May indicate areas of expenditure were consideration should be given to preparing more formal procurement arrangements
  • May indicate where there may be scope to rationalise the supplier base

Purchase order profile
Average order value above a stated threshold 

  • May highlight a need to ensure that business awarded to this supplier has followed the appropriate competitive procedure

Average order value is very low

  • May indicate a supplier that could be dealt with using the institution's procurement card or, where available, its electronic procurement process

Invoice payment profile
Average invoice value for a supplier is much lower than its order value

  • May indicate either that the supplier is making multiple deliveries against many of its orders, resulting in high processing costs to the institution.  (An alternative supplier able to make single, rather than multiple, deliveries may offer a better value for money service)
  • There may be merit in investigating the possibility of obtaining a consolidated invoice if the purpose of the order is to facilitate a multi-item call-off contract for, for example, stationery