last updated: 21st August 2012

An assessment of procurement within your institution needs to begin with an understanding of the way it approaches procurement. A simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is provided that will enable you to determine your institution's current and desired approach to procurement.  The model is divided into two elements - procurement foundations and procurement practice.  The two elements are each divided into a number of components that are described using a small number of bullet points. 

To use the model, score your institution's current procurement activity out of 5 (where a 5 indicates you carry out or fully agree with the bullet points, and 0 indicates total disagreement). Repeat the exercise allocating scores to indicate where you would like to be in the future - your desired position. The spreadsheet will then present the outcomes in a graphical format.

The model may be used to track changes in the institution's procurement function over time.  An example of an institution that has changed its emphasis, over a 10-year period, from a clerical to a more supportive/strategic procurement function is available.

Download a copy of the Self Assessment Model (an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) and a completed example.

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