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Welcome to the Further Education Library of Procurement's Sample Documentation Resource Centre, which contains templates that are intended to aid you in the creation of your own documents. The templates have been de-personalised and, instead, institutions and colleges that have contributed are listed here.

The templates are designed to give you a starting point rather than being finished documents.  The hope is that this will save you time and will allow you to personalise the final documents to you institution’s own corporate style.

These are meant to be ‘live’ documents and we ask that as you use them, as you update them or highlight areas that can be improved, please forward your amended documents and suggestions using the feedback button on the navigation bar above, so that we can improve this resource for the benefit of all its users.

The Sample Documentation Resource Centre has five ‘chapters’

The success of this 'Book' relies on sample documents provided by the sector. Click here for instructions on how to submit sample documents and a current list of contributors.

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