Sample Bona Fide Declaration

Bona Fide Declaration

1. We have read the documents issued as part of the Invitation to Tender for the above procurement as listed in paragraph 3 below, and offer to provide the goods and/or services specified therein subject to and upon the terms and conditions contained in the said documents at the rates and/or prices quoted by us.

2. We certify that this is a bona fide tender, intended to be competitive, and that we have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the tender by or under or in accordance with any agreement or arrangement with any other person.  We also certify that we have not done and we undertake that we will not do at any time before the hour and date specified for the return of this tender any of the following acts:

(i) communicate to a person other than the person calling for the tender the amount or approximate amount of the proposed tender, except where the disclosure, in confidence, of the approximate amount of the tender was necessary to obtain insurance premium quotations required for the preparation of the tender;

(ii) enter into any agreement or arrangement with any other person that he or she shall refrain from tendering or as to the amount of any tender to be submitted;

(iii) offer or pay or give or agree to pay or give any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or indirectly to any person for doing or having done or causing or having caused to be done any act or thing of the sort described above in relation to any other tender or proposed tender covered by the said Invitation to Tender;

and confirm that in this letter, the word "person" includes any person or persons and any body or association, corporate or unincorporated, and "agreement or arrangement" includes any such transaction, formal or informal whether legally binding or not.

3. We agree that this tender and any contract which may result from it shall be based upon the documents listed below:
(i) the Invitation to Tender (including each and every document issued therewith)
(ii) the Tender submitted under cover of this letter (including any response forms and price schedules included herewith).

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