Models and Toolkits

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This section contains overviews and links to various models and toolkits developed by the sector for use by the sector:

  • Efficiency Measurement Model (EMM) - designed to provide a structured process within which to record efficiencies achieved by procurement projects.
  • Legislation - this area covers in detail the legislation that public sector institutions must be aware of when spending funds.
  • Integrated Benchmarking Information System (IBIS) - a model to help in the strategic management of the institution's procurement activity by analysing historical expenditure to provide the framework to inform future activity. The model considers the level of professional procurement involvement, the types of procurement arrangements used to secure value for money and reviews the quality of the institution's suppliers.
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) - Includes an overview of simple, transactional, measurements that can help review your institution's procurement activity.
  • Whole Life Costing (WLC) - a model designed for use when preparing the tendering process (to developed award criteria) and later to provide a framework for the methodical evaluation of the tender submissions including the consideration of the total costs of owning, operating and the end of life costs associated with the project.
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