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last updated: 11th December 2012

Managing Procurement to improve front-line services (Routemap).final_.pdf


Procurement management: the time is right In 2004 the Gershon Efficiency Review proposed that colleges which manage their procurement more effectively could each save tens, scores or even hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Indeed, the more prepared a college is to introduce procurement good practice the more it stands to save – releasing funds that could make a significant difference to front-line services.
What then, in real terms, could better-managed procurement mean for your college?

  • It will deliver better value for money, which releases funds to invest in new facilities, attracting more learners and employers, and improving staff morale and retention.
  • It will reduce exposure to risk.
  • It will help to improve supplier performance.
  • It will reduce the costs (time and effort) of doing paperwork and administration.
  • It will help colleges to make a greater contribution towards achieving the government’s goals of upskilling the nation, as set out in the Leitch Review.

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