Managing Department responsibilities

The Managing Department must have sufficient expertise and resources to manage all aspects of ensuring provision of the required service. In practice, the department will provide the expertise in the service requirements and will be supported in the preparation of the tender exercise by the central Procurement Office.

Depending on the procurement structure operating within your institution, the Managing Department will be responsible for some [marked *] or all of the following activities. Some may be completed jointly with the Procurement Office

  • * Drafting the contract in consultation with representatives of other interested parties.
  • Preparing and issuing the invitation to tender or, for a minor service, the request for quotation.
  • Awarding the contract.
  • * Agreeing the SLA.
  • * Managing the contract, including:
    - Monitoring contract performance.
    - Authorising payments.
    - Liaising with end users on service quality and possibilities for improvements.
    - Discussions with the supplier regarding performance.
    - Negotiation with the supplier for improvements, changes and new services.
  • Complying with the reporting procedures, ethical standards and financial and management controls laid down by senior management.