Legal Services Request for Proposal (CIPS)

The Guidance Notes together with the associated Request for Proposal (RFP) template have been developed by CIPS for organisations wishing to purchase legal services in a more cost-effective manner than through the ‘traditional’ hourly rates model.

The template itself is specifically designed to assist in-house legal teams, procurement and/or other users to develop an RFP document for fixed price legal services. It is anticipated that the RFP template will most commonly be deployed for legal services requirements in excess of £1m pa but it can also be used or modified for smaller requirements as required.

As this guide has been developed by CIPS, the terminology and/or procurement process may need amending to reflect an FE College environment.  In particular, if you want to appoint more than 1 provider then the College would establish a framework agreement, references to the location of the supplier and extending the contract beyond its scope should be removed and the evaluation model / method should be provided to all bidders to ensure compliance with the principles of the EU Directives on public procurement.