An introduction to procurement policy

The Introduction is an opportunity to explain what procurement means and to outline how it is organised within the institution. Highlight its importance to the strategic and day-to-day operation of the institution and acknowledge the work of all staff involved in procurement. Explain that the Procurement Policy supports the Procurement Strategy and the Procurement Procedures Manual provides the day-to-day guidance for those committing funds on behalf of their departments.

A friendly introduction, which is clearly written and easy to read, can do much to defuse anxiety and resistance to what can be perceived as a restrictive bureaucratic document. Indicate the worth of the institution's total expenditure and the proportion that is estimated to fall under the influence of the Procurement function.

Restate the institution's

  • Procurement aims and objectives (contained in its procurement strategy); and 
  • The intention that the policies within the document are designed to enable staff to help achieve these goals.