An introduction to procurement

Procurement is the process of acquiring goods and services that an organisation needs to operate successfully while gaining value for money. The procurement process may vary dependant on the goods and services required, complexity of purchase and the expenditure involved.

In considering the full procurement process Members are likely to gain better value for money compared to a transactional purchasing approach.

From a legal perspective Members are spending public money and need to do so in a transparent, non-discriminatory and ethical manner. Members will have their own individual internal expenditure thresholds for goods and services above which, stated procurement procedures must be followed, furthermore after a given pre-determined threshold Members are governed by the Public Contracts Regulations as Amended (EU Exit) Regulations 2020. These regulations detail the processes and considerations that must be undertaken when spending public monies over these pre-determined thresholds.

This website has been produced to provide guidance to Members in the creation of an easy to maintain approach to procurement. It will help you to procure more effectively and achieve better value for money.