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In December 2005 the National Audit Office (NAO) undertook a survey of the further education colleges in England to understand in greater detail the existing procurement processes and procedures. The results of the survey were published in an official audit report in October 2006 and set out 8 recommendations for the sector to deliver improvements and efficiencies.

NAO Report - Improving Procurement In Further Education Colleges


In April 2007 the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) called Learning and Skills Council’s (as was) Chief Executive Mark Haysom and the Department for Education and Skills (as was) Commercial Director Ian Taylor to be accountable for the recommendations and show clear evidence of improvements taking place.

Public Accounts Committee - Improving Procurement In FE Colleges

One of the actions requested by the PAC was to undertake a follow up survey. The survey was based on the original NAO questions as this provided a clear benchmark of improvement from the original responses received in 2005. 168 colleges responsed and the summary results are attached.

College Responses to FE Survey of Procurement - 2008

Since 2008 there have been lots of initiatives to improve procurement within the public sector, but no further reports dedicated to improving procurement within the further education sector.

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