Goods/services not delivered on time

Goods/services not being delivered on time can happen for a number of reasons

  • they were not ordered on time
  • the institution did not state a delivery time and had assumed that the goods or services would arrive when needed
  • the supplier does not deliver the goods/services on time

Actions to reduce risk of late delivery

  • when obtaining competitive bids make sure that you ask for a delivery period i.e. x weeks from when the supplier receives the formal purchase order
  • if the delivery date is critical, check with the supplier before awarding the contract or placing an order - if necessary, you may decide to deal with a slightly more expensive supplier where it can guarantee delivery within the required time scales
  • if the delivery date is critical, consider using a liquidated damages clause in the contract's terms and conditions.  This may not help in terms of the required work being delayed however it will entitle the institution to compensation.