End Users benefit from the service. It is in users’ own interests to:

  • Be involved with the Managing Department when the specification is being drafted – this will help ensure that the service specification takes account of their particular requirements.
  • Know what to expect from the service, ideally through a SLA – this will help to manage the expectations of the users and also help them to consider how general improvements can be made to benefit both the institution and the service provider.
  • Know who to approach with complaints and suggestions – this should be actively encouraged to help ensure that the contract is as good as it can be. A minor problem may seem trivial to a single user, however, if it is happening in other areas it needs to be addressed before it becomes a major problem.  Often, such problems are caused by simple misunderstandings between the service provider and the recipient.
  • Avoid hindering the delivery of the service unless there is good reason.

If you, as the recipient, have a problem with the services you are receiving, you should contact the Managing Department or your Procurement Office as soon as possible.