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 CLICK HERE for EMM (efficiency recording) guidance DRAFT VERSION

The Efficiency Measurement Model (EMM) has been developed to help Heads of Procurement to capture savings or efficiency data in a methodical way. The aim of procurement is to obtain the best possible value for money for an institution and increasingly there is a requirement to identify and record the worth of the value for money achieved.

Colleges can use the EMM to record efficiencies.

To download the Efficiency Measurement Model please click here. The Users' Guide is provided here as a complete document and as individual chapters:


Common Questions relating to EMM:

Q.1 What should be recorded?

Q.2 What baseline should I use?

Q.3 What are efficiencies?

Q.4 Over what period do I record efficiencies?

Q.5 How do I treat VAT?

Q.6 How do I calculate cost of staff time?


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