Awarding Organisation Services Catalogue / Buyer's Guide


The document describes a range of services which providers may purchase from awarding organisations (AOs) in order to offer courses to learners that lead on to the award of qualifications and the award of credit.  The document is focussed on provision in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), but it may be applicable to other regulated provision. It aims to give a short definition to those services and to highlight the considerations  providers should take into account when assessing which AO’s services to buy.  This draft also includes possible questions to ask in letting an awarding organisations' procurement framework and requesting AOs to describe their offering against each service. 

The document has been informed through discussions with senior practitioners in the sector, discussions with colleagues from the College Finance Directors group as well as receiving feedback from some individual AOs. It is intended to be both a dynamic document, evolving over time, but also a document which can be customised in order to match particular needs and/or institutions and organisations.