Added Value

Added value may include, for instance, services that previously were direct costs to the institution and are now included in the price of the contract. For example, a supplier agrees to train additional staff, at no extra cost, while training the number stated in the contract specification.

Examples of added value include:

A1 - Provision of special design drawings within initial proposal

A2 - Inclusion of additional services not usually part of the contract (i.e. removal of packaging, site cleaning, acceptance testing, commissioning etc.)

A3 - Use of standard documentation/systems and purchasing advice (i.e. time saving)

A4 - Modification/Re-specification prior to tendering (e.g. removing unnecessary services/items)

A5 - Lease/Hire/Financing alternatives sought (saving achieved through product life cycle costs)

A6 - An alternative solution that resulted in no purchase being made (e.g. reciprocity, sponsorship).

A7 - Other

A8 - Not specified